Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Those Who Can

John 3 years ago at the start of his 22nd year teaching.

There are many things which annoy me about my husband and just as many things about me which annoy him. I know. It’s hard to believe I could annoy anyone, but I suppose I have to take him at his word on it.

As I was saying, my husband has many flaws. He is a terrible, with a T to the terrible, gift-giver. Somewhere in a nearby landfill there is an ironing board which bears testament to this fact. He is an equally poor attentive listener. Should John-Heath be placed on meds for ADD one day, I will blame his dad for passing on bad genetic material. Also, my husband can be a scrooge, especially when it comes to his time. You thought I was going to say money, didn’t you? Well, he can be that, too.

Yet, for all these annoy adorable imperfections, there is one thing my husband does better than just about anyone else I know; teaching.

Indulge me for a moment while I brag on him, and mark this moment for posterity’s sake, as it is not often he deserves such boastful expressions, especially since he paid no attention as our son drove to the end of our driveway yet again in his little tractor while on his watch.

Quite simply, he’s excellent. He has been for a long time but now he has a little recognition to back up my claim.

A few months ago our faculty named him as our school’s Teacher of the Year. Then a few weeks after that he was informed he had been named the Middle School Teacher of the Year for our county. This in itself was a real thrill for our family, as we work in one of the largest counties in the state.

Then he received another congratulatory call. This one came as we were on spring break. John had been chosen as the Upper Cumberland Region Middle School Teacher of the Year. The UC Regional Field Service Center is made up of 22 counties/districts, so this was a complete surprise and a wonderful honor!

John and the kids on our farm last summer.

Now, his application will be forwarded, along with the names of the other regional winners, to the committee who will select the winners to represent each of Tennessee’s three grand divisions (East, Middle, and West). Each grand division will honor an elementary, middle and high school teacher. From those 9 the field will be narrowed to three and then one, the Tennessee Teacher of the Year.

Here’s hoping we’ll have even more good news to report a little later (knock on wood, salt over your shoulder, rub the rabbit’s foot).


Julie Harward said...

Thanks for your visit. I think this is so wonderful! I hope he gets every award there is and goes a long way in this field. A good teacher is priceless for sure! (The ironing board this is too funny!) LOL

Heather said...

Wishing your husband congratulations and best of luck! How very exciting!

Anonymous said...

Tyla - It's Angie... you obviously know how I feel about old John-Boy, having spent the last several years next door. I am so thankful that Seth and Caleb were both able to have him as a teacher. I say the more awards, the better! You guys make a good team, so enjoy it all. :)

Donna said...

This is so awesome!!! I am so proud of him. One time in high school my son had to do an oral report on his favorite teacher and he chose Mr. Creasy. I wish him well and a big thank-you for letting us in on this great accomplishment!!

Rhonda said...

It couldn't have come to a more deserving person! Having worked with John the past 15 years and both my children proclaiming him to be one of their all-time favorite teachers...we declare him Teacher of the Universe! Way to go Mr. Creasy!!!!