Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Embracing My Inner Redneck

You wanna know what I was up to the other night? Oh, come on. Guess. Upon seeing a friend's facebook posting which linked to a newish Ray Stevens' video, I thought I'd take a peek. As a youngster growing up in the south I thought this guy was a HOOT! No. Make that a hoot and a half! I well remember one Sunday afternoon listening to a cassette of "Mississippi Squirrel Revival" over and over and over at my Pa and Mammie's. Well, my little peek ended up being nearly an all night hoedown in which I revisited some old favorites. Take a look, but please know I am generally a much more cultured and refined person than I might have let on during my own personal Hick Fest '11.
And when I get out, Margaret, I'm going to come over there with an egg beater and a live chicken, and some PEACH perserves!

It was just a lucky fluke that Deliverance was on this very night, so I took a break from streaks and shriners to watch. Inbred mountaineers were not Ren's cup of tea. Of course, neither was Ray Stevens. If I hadn't been conscious during her C-section delivery I would swear she belongs to someone else.

After heading to bed, my continued listening of Ray led to Mr. Clower. How could I not take a few minutes to hear his coon dog story!

But I saved the creme de la creme of the evening for last (and longest).

If you don't already know him, allow me to introduce you to my my friend Lewis.

Ahhhh. A classic.

Here is one of his archived posts.

Southerners Learning Not to Speak Southern

Now, ya'll enjoy!

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ACcountryFan said...

Oh there's no need in being embarrassed or whatever in liking the music of Ray Stevens or other performers that are marketed as southern humorists.

I'm a huge fan of Ray's, by the way. The caption under the CD of Ray's should state "weed eater" instead of "egg beater". A lot of people have misheard the lyrics through the years. Some people, at one point in time, thought he was saying "whee dinger" but "weed eater" is the correct lyric.

An example: Some people still think Ray is saying "look at that! look at that!" in the song, "The Streak", when in actuality he's saying "Boogity! Boogity!".

Anonymous said...

I'm at my desk and a gentleman who has an earned doctorate and teaches at a private midstate university said, "So, Wendy. Where are you from?"

I answer, "W'land."

He says, "W'land!? You're kidding me!? Everyone time I go up that hill I feel like I'm in the movie Deliverance. Are you sure you're from W'land?"

I say, "Yes sir. The last time you went, was my name still on the water tower?" He walked off laughing, and I sat at my desk feeling somewhat offended. LOL

Tyla said...

AC, thanks for the tip. I had always thought it was "weed eater", but in preparing this post all the lyric sites on the web showed "egg beater" so I just assumed I had always been wrong. At any rate, it's a great song. Thanks for stopping by. :)


I always get just a little miffed when outsiders poke fun at my small town or southern roots. It's like family...I can poke fun of them all day long and then some, but how dare someone else do it. LOL