Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Was an Abacist (a.k.a. The Post in Which I Talk a Lot About My Friend Angie)

That's right. I was. And I was only 6 years old!

Actually, I didn't know until today that someone who uses an abacus - that old fashioned calculator - even had a name. An abacist. I don't know about you but that almost sounds naughty or, at least, unhealthy. This one was a gift from my friend Angie. She and I went to school together, graduated together, and now we teach school together smack dab across the hall from each other. If my memory is correct we even had a college class or two together before she transferred to another school. Years ago when they were trashing surplusing a lot of old stuff she managed to save this little gem from an uncertain future. I can't be 100% positive as to if it's the same one, but it's identical to one we had in our first grade class (Angie and I were in the same 1st grade class).

Miss Ruth Carter was our teacher. She was a good teacher and even though she spanked me because I didn't know how to use a broom correctly (Angie did and was asked by Miss Ruth to demonstrate), I always thought her a kindly woman. I believe ours was her last class before she retired.

To have been only six at the time I do remember a lot from that year. Some of my best memories include...
using the abacus, of course

Miss Ruth's pantsuits

being amazed at how fast Angie could finish a math assignment

Tracy L. taking his glass eyeball out for everyone to see

casting votes on the board in our classroom in a mock presidential election. I voted for Ford. I felt to not vote for the sitting president would somehow be disrespectful.

learning how to sweep

One last thing about Angie...with only one house between us, she's my neighbor.


Susie said...

Wait just one minute! That was last seen in MY room when I was teaching first grade! I wondered what happened to it.

Farmchick said...

I bet you did learn how to sweep! LOL!

Tyla said...

Farmchick, I hate to admit it but it was still yeaaarrrs before I truly learned how to sweep. I was somewhat spoiled in the chores department. lol

Susie, I'll leave it to you when I retire. Well, wait a minute. You'll be in the nursing home by then and will have no need of it, as my retirement is still too many years away. What was it Debbie said? "If I had that many years to go, I'd just shoot myself."? LOL

Anonymous said...

I remember that abacus, too. I remember it more from when Ms. Ruth let me come to her class with Michelle when I was only 4 than from when I was in her class. I got a lot of practice with that abacus as a 4 year old and loved it. Maybe that's why I like math so well. Good memories...Thanks, Tyla! Beth B.

Anonymous said...

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