Thursday, April 21, 2011


Yesterday, John-Heath used the label maker in my office at work to create a name tag. He does this from time to time and I always have to check prior to typing in any new word for letters he may have already keyed.

A little while later at home, upon being told he couldn’t take a bag of chips into his bedroom, he stressed to his dad that, because he is the boss, he should, indeed, be able to take them (you’ll remember he is buddies with our assistant principal and this makes him think he’s one too. It's possible his after school "job" may be creating a monster). Anyway, I suppose he felt he needed proof of this and so he decided to embellish his name tag just a bit.

Taking a little scrap of paper and some tape he scribbled out his self-titled moniker..."Boss". Only he spelled it "Bos".

What's worse, he attached it upside down. Oops!

Believe me. I couldn't make up this stuff if I tried.

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