Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Missed 15 Minutes of Fame and a Whole Lotta Rain

We are in what seems like our very own 40 days and nights of rain here in Middle Tennessee. My yard is a mess, my drive is a mess, and my hair is one big ol' frizzy mess. Speaking of Noah, it's a good thing God promised never to destroy the world by water again because there are some species that just wouldn't make the cut if this gal was in charge of rounding them up 2x2.

As I was saying, we've had several days and nights of rain, thunderstorms, and tornado warnings. These sleepless/restless nights of looking out windows and watching the weather on and off all through the night are wearing thin. My parents, as well as a friend, told me they were awakened three times the other night by their weather radios reporting warnings in the area. I have to say I'm glad my parents have one. As they are older, it really gives me peace of mind, especially now that it seems the south has become the new tornado alley.

Of course, more storms seem to be on the way tonight. So, hunker down, my friends.


John is enjoying the 15 minutes of fame he is receiving from having been selected a TOY. Today, he was interviewed on air by a radio station from a neighboring county. I have to say, despite the lackluster questioning by the host, he (John) did a good job. I would say he did a great job except for the fact that he failed to make any mention of a very important bit of Can you believe that? Ren and John-Heath were left in the dust, as well.

I am plotting my evil revenge as we speak - okay, as I type.


Heather said...

Hope all is well. Last night, I heard on the news all about the horrible tornadoes in Alabama. It sounded and looked quite scary.

Tyla said...

Thankfully, we are all well. Several central and southern states had a lot of damage and casualties (my own state of Tennessee included), but Alabama, by far, was the hardest hit. Tornadoes are terrible things.

Julie Harward said...

These good people are in our prayers too...hang in there, I sure hope it doesn't come where you are.