Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Lot of Random Thoughts On a Cold, Snowy, Sunday Night

Well, friends. I got my wish. Snow. And lots of it. I would say we have close to 4 inches at our house here in northern middle Tennessee. Now, to my friends in the north and at higher elevations out west, 4 inches is just child's play, a mere few flurries. But in any part of the south 4 inches is just short of a blizzard. Well, maybe not a blizzard, but it's enough to cancel school for a day or two. Remember, our road departments are not as well equipped to handle snowy conditions as some in other parts of the country. Plus, our drivers are not as use to driving in it. So, it's just safer for everyone if schools are closed.

It's been a busy week for me. I feel behind on everything. So, I am hoping to take advantage of a day off tomorrow to clean up the house, finish decorating, and type up a Christmas letter to send to our out-of-town friends. See. I told you I was behind. Everyone I know has probably already prepared their Christmas cards and letters. Not me. :>(

This past week was our school's book fair. Since becoming a librarian I have always tried to have one each year at my schools. They help raise a little money for our library and give students the opportunity to see all the great new books that are out there just waiting to be read. But they can be a lot of work. Sorta like having a yard sale that lasts a week. I am always glad to see them end.

John-Heath has been doing the eye thing again. We've been noticing it for a couple weeks now. We try not to say anything to him about it, so as not to draw his attention to it. I took him to his pediatrician this past Friday. He seems to think it is just transient tics and that he will outgrow them in a few years. I really feel it was the bump on the head that caused them in February, but I have no idea why they have started again now.

By the way, it was this pediatrician who first called my son the name by which he goes. We knew his name would be John Heath, but I had not reconciled the fact that we would hyphenate his name. It was Dr. K who first called him "John-Heath". We love Dr. K. It just so happened that he was the pediatrician on call when John-Heath was born and this is where we first met him. I knew right then that I wanted him to be my little boy's doctor. All the physicians at the clinic are great, but Dr. K is our fave.

Tonight was the Christmas get-together for my mom's side of the family. Several were unable to make it - due to the weather - and a few had to eat and run- again, due to the weather. So, even though there was somewhat of a hurried feeling to it this year, it was still nice to see loved ones I've not seen since this time last year.

Well, that's about all the randomness I have for the moment. Goodnight, my friends. I hope you are all safe at home and enjoying some beautiful winter scenery of your own.


Julie Harward said...

I love book fairs, they are just so much fun to browse at and buy! I just sent out our Christmas cards, no letter though, with 8 kids and spouses and 20 grands and a is just too much and a too long letter! Hope all will be well with John-Heath! Have a great week ;D

Lyndy said...

No worries Tyla - I'm online right now ordering our pic Christmas cards... hehe You're not alone.

Farmchick said...

We received a lot of snow here in central KY. Schools were closed today and will be tomorrow as well. Trying to make the best of it and clean house and catch up...just like you!

Tyla said...

Farmchick, we just got the news we are out tomorrow, too. I do love snow days, until we run out of our built-in time and have to make them up in June.

Tyla said...

Julie, wow! 8 kids! That would be a long letter. I finished writing mine today (finally) and will try to get them in the mail tomorrow or Wednesday. :)

Tyla said...

I've usually included pics with our cards in past years, Lyndy, but have never had a picture card. There are a lot of cute borders and styles out there this year. I bet yours will look great!