Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What the Future Holds

This past Saturday began quite normally. We were all up and piddling around. Ren and I decided to go watch Weston, my great-nephew, play pee-wee basketball - his first year. He was a carbon copy of his dad from many years ago on the bench across the gym, skinny legs and all.

Ren had made plans during the game to go to an all-you-could-eat chocolate buffet (BYOM - bring your own milk) with a friend later that evening. So, since we had some time before she was to leave I thought it would be a good idea for John-Heath to get in a nap.

When attempting to lay down he struck his head rather hard on the bed's headboard. He cried and cried but after several of mommy's kisses he was better and took a short nap.

About an hour after his nap we noticed him having some mild facial twitches which looked like heavy blinking. This lasted throughout the evening. By Sunday afternoon the twiches had turned more into spasms, drawing his cheeks up and forcing his mouth open into an odd little smile. A call to the on-call doctor was not vey helpful.

A trip to the pediatrician on Monday led to a CT later that afternoon to check for any bleeding, etc. that could be causing his problem. Fortunately, the scan was clear. Unfortunately, this just led to more questions. If the bump on the head was not causing the spasms, then what was? A side note...he was not to be easily scanned. He had never seen a CT machine before and I neglected to prepare him for this. He became very scared and had to be papoosed for the pictures to be taken. Nikki Morris, a long-time family friend, and the other lady were so patient with him and didn't act a bit annoyed by all his crying.

That was a rough day. His spasms were really bad. They would occur so frequently, usually in triplicates, he could hardly watch cartoons or play with his trains. He also began rubbing his eyes every time he had a twich or spasm. We noticed they seemed to be worse when he was fairly still - watching t.v., being read to, playing with his trains, etc. If he was running around and more active they did not seem as bad.

Of course, John and I spent the rest of the evening on an off the internet googling any variation of his symptoms. This was not a wise thing to do and only served to add to the worry, rather than relieve it. There are so many things out there - from magnesium deficiencies or simple childhood tics that many young people temporarily experience to Tourette's Syndrome and the like.

Thankfully, today has been better. He has still had several twitches (including some in his right hand, arm, and leg while sleeping) but the severe facials spasms have not happened as often. We put him in an Epson Salt bath this morning just in case his magnesium level is low. We had read where this can help bodily twitches.

Family and good friends that know are praying that it will turn out to be nothing serious or long-term. I know there are parents who face much more grim situations every day and that I am still very blessed. But, as I wrote to a friend, I just feel so helpless when I see his little face contort like it does and knowing that something could be going on inside him that he can't control and neither can I.

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