Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sophia A. Carter Heath

Can't sleep tonight. Random thoughts floating through my mind and it occurs to me that exactly 22 years ago on this very same night of the week and at nearly this same time I was spending the night at the home of my boyfriend's grandparents in Culleoka. I would marry said boyfriend that upcoming August but on this night I am sleeping in a rather large upstairs bedroom when I am awakened by a train whistle.

Granny and Papa's house was a short distance from the tracks so it wasn't such an oddity to hear a whistle - except that it was just after midnight and the train did not pass through at that hour.

I will find out at some point the next day that my grandmother, my father's mother, has passed on. Though her departure from this life and my awakening did not occur synchronously, I have always connected the two events.

Goodnight, Mammy Sophie.

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