Monday, February 8, 2010

Guess What?

UPDATE: The following post was, as you tell, written in February. Well, I thought I would add it to the blogging bloopers list Susan has started at Between Naps on the Porch. For the blooper, just read. You'll find it. And, if not, I'll tell you at the end.
I can hardly believe as I sit to write a few things about our most recent snow and the fun we had on our days off it is snowing again. Oh, how I love the winter! If it has to be cold out I want it to snow.

Last week the biggest snow this area had seen in many years blanketed our countryside. Students - and teachers - were treated to 4 snow days. John measured a spot in the front yard that was 8 inches, with the drifts around the house much deeper. Overall, most areas on our lawn were right at 6". This snow was not necessarily a good one for snowball fights and snowmen as it was a very dry snow, but we were able to make a nice track for sledding off the western side of our yard. With skillful navigating we were able to keep from sliding off into the pond. John-Heath needed only one trip down with John to decide he was big enough to do it on his own. Ren had a good time that first day with Mark, Paula, and Makayla being pulled around on a sled behind the 4-wheeler in front of the Old House.

All said, we were able to enjoy two good days and one fun night of frolicking.

More snow memories
Snow Cream
( a bowl of snow -make sure it is clean snow - , some sugar, milk and a little vanilla flavoring) YUM!
John realizing he's not a spring chicken anymore after attempting to snow board down the hill. Can you spell Chiropractor?
John building John-Heath a snowman after a little melting had occurred. This was John-Heath's first-ever snowman.
John ruining one of the heating elements on my glass cook top while cleaning boiled over hot chocolate - a costly little mistake.
Oh well, considering I stripped the transmission in our car two weeks ago by throwing it into reverse and trying to exit the garage at the same time I can't say much.
Going supersonic off the hill with Ren and making it past the 'ditch'.

This just in...Sumner County Schools will be closed Tuesday, February 9 due to inclement weather in the county. I have come to love the sound of Jeremy Johnson's voice.

P.S. Did you spot it? The blooper? Or should I say the costly little mistake? What I didn't tell in the post was that the reason the hot chocolate boiled over to begin with is that I left it unattended to check my blog's dashoard. Yikes! Oh, and let's just keep this a secret between us ;)


Miss Merry said...

Don't you hate it when it is your fault and you can't blame anyone but yourself? I have a new glasstop stove and have found that baking soda rubbed in a circle with a wet towel can clean most bloopers. Oh well, I hope your new year goes better for you!

Marlis said...

my blog is usually the reason dinner is late! LOl.. wow a transmission and a heating element on the stove.. the new year is coming and it will be better. Happy new Year.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, that is priceless! LOL! What price blogging??? ;-)

Thanks for sharing...


Sheila :-)

Graceful Moments said...

Blogging has caused many cooking boo boos in my house. Time simply comes to a standstill while blogging...for me anyway...apparently life goes on and things boil over and burn during my time freeze! Thanks for sharing...nice to know I'm not the only one!

Jacqueline said...

Oohh, I wouldn't want to admit that one to my family! Funny, but could apply to too many of us.