Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Prayers for Dylan Snider

The kids and I have really enjoyed our days off from school due to the big snow of 2010 and I'll write down some remembrances about that in another day or two (hopefully). Tonight, however, I want to write about a little boy named Dylan Snider - a precious little boy of whom I wish I had never heard...for I first became aware of his name due to a most horrible tragedy that befell him.

A day or so before Christmas 2009 the local television stations reported about a little boy, age 5, who had been playing with a slightly older brother in their backyard around a fire pit of some sort. Full of mischief, I'm sure, and the naivety of their ages and being boys just being boys they caused an explosion by playing with fire and a container of gasoline. According to reports, mom and dad were out doing a little last minute Christmas shopping and left them in the care of a much older sibling.

Little Dylan sustained 3rd degree burns to over 80% of his body. He was treated for a short while at Vanderbilt in Nashville before being transferred to the Shriner's burn unit in Ohio. Due to his injuries his small intestines had to be removed, as did some of his fingers. He was given a small chance of survival. All this just before turning 6.

I have had this child on my mind so much since first hearing of his accident. I cannot imagine the pain this sweet baby is going through. I have heard his daily baths and bandage changes are particularly painful. I also, as a mother to a nearly 5-year-old boy myself, cannot imagine the pain and helplessness his poor mother and family feel. It must be agonizing.

Thankfully, he is amazing his doctors and family with how well he is doing. This has been one prayed-for-little-boy and I believe it has made the difference. Of course, I am sure he is not out of the woods yet and it is certain he has a tough year ahead of him ( for one thing, he is in need of an intestinal transplant).

If by some chance you have wandered onto this little journal experiment of mine and are reading this post please stop for a moment and say a prayer for this child.

Go here to read more about this sweet baby boy

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