Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Christmas in Pictures - Part 1

It's always fun to look back through pictures of another Christmas season that has come and gone. Now, if only I would actually take my SD card and get these things developed.

We kicked off the season with visits to some local merchants who hosted Open Houses.
And met up with Santa at one.

We also enjoyed a carriage ride through our town. It's a small town so it was a short ride, but nice just the same (even with the occasional gale force winds).
And then on Dec. 4 we met up with a bunch of extended family members from my dad's side for our annual get-together. This party is always full of fun and games for the young and old. John-Heath took advantage of some make-up that was on hand for a beauty contest and added a little facial hair.
All the loveliest "ladies" vied for the title of Miss Turner Station (which is the community from which our family hails).
The little ones prepare to play musical chairs.
Even the big kids get in on the action - lured by the hopes of winning a cash prize.
And there's always a rousing game of Pass the Present.

A family picture.

A few days later John-Heath attended the book fair at his school. In case you're wondering about our son's choice of attire, it was "pajama night".

Santa even stopped by the fair for a visit.

On the 12th we met with my mom's family for our yearly dinner. Unfortunately, due to seriously blizzard-like conditions with lots of snow and ice, not everyone was able to make it and we even had to cut it somewhat short. Remember, in Tennessee it doesn't take a lot to shut down things. We met in my town (which is located on top of a ridge) and all but 3 families were coming from other places. My sister and her family, along with my parents, only live about 15 minutes to the south, but police had closed the road off the hill so their trip home ended up taking an hour+.

But everyone still had fun, especially the kids.

As you can tell, this pic of my tree was taken from upstairs. I wish I knew more about photography and could take better night time shots, etc.

We've had two snows. In fact, we had a white Christmas. It seems the wooly worms have been more accurate in their predictions than the forecasters.

John-Heath played Santa in the kindergarten music program on December 20.

Here he's making a list and checking it twice.

During the nativity portion of the program the kids' attention is turned off stage to someone playing carols on a harp and trombone. John-Heath loves all things music and actually asked for a trombone for Christmas. He looked at us during this time, pointed to the person playing the music, and mouthed the words that's a trombone.

Santa with his elves. Each of them took a turn sitting on his lap.

Santa with Pa and Ma-Ma, Sissy and Meg, and Ren.

Snapping a picture of the Grinch.

And then posing for a picture with him.


Angela said...

Love the pictures! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Farmchick said...

These are great pictures and I love that, "facial hair".