Friday, January 4, 2013

"Christmas Chrunch" - Not Just for Christmas

The following is an easy peasy snack to throw together for any casual holiday gathering, game night (including an important upcoming college bowl game), or work place “bring a snack day”. I call it Christmas Chrunch (yes, with an ‘h’) because my sister made it to send with her husband when the school at which he works had a snack day prior to Christmas. If I remember to make it next year, I might have to throw in some red and green M&M’s to give it a bit more color and maybe even some coconut flakes.

Sissy’s “Christmas Chrunch”

A bag of white chocolate chips

A bag of semi-sweet chocolate morsels/chips

A can of cashews

A bag of skinny stick pretzels (my sister broke hers in half) or small regular shaped pretzels

A bag of white yogurt covered raisins

A bag of dried cranberries

The above amounts are just suggestions. Add as much of each as you want, put in a covered bowl or Ziploc bag and shake well. Store in an airtight container.

See.  Easy peasy!

Have a great weekend!

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