Friday, January 25, 2013

An Ice Day?

Today, we are out of school for a snow an ice day.  Yeah, I'd rather have snow (and lots of it), but who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth? 

The only downside to this blessed day off is that John and I had already planned to be off to accompany John-Heath's class on a field trip to see the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus at Bridgestone Arena.  He was sooo disappointed. In fact, he had forbid us prior to bedtime of going through the customary rituals we tend to do when we feel there might be a chance of inclement weather in hopes of securing a day know, wear our p.j.'s inside out, sleep with a spoon under our pillow, flush ice-cubes down the toilet.  So, now we are looking at buying tickets for the evening show and taking him anyway.  Do I splurge and spend $100 per ticket and plop us down on the front row?  It's tempting (John-Heath would love it).  Of course, the medical bills from the coronary John would suffer from my doing such would probably bankrupt us, so we may have to settle for something a little farther back. 

Well, I'm off to make some hot cocoa.  It's really much better when coming in from a day of sledding, but we'll just have to make do.

P.S.  I have a teeny tiny confession...about an hour after turning out the lights and attempting to fall asleep I couldn't resist the temptation any longer (I was reaalllyy wanting a snow day)...I took my pajama top off and turned it inside out.  Don't tell my son.

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Michelle said...

Those are some funny rituals. I usually just check the weather report. I am SO BORING! lol