Thursday, May 5, 2011

Scenes from My Mower - 2011 Edition

Last year as I was mowing my yard and thinking how lovely everything was as it was greening up and flowering out, I decided I would take a few pics of some of the sights I enjoyed. So, I strapped my camera around my neck and continued to mow, snapping shots here and there. Well, here is this year's edition taken a couple weeks ago a few days prior to Easter.

These pictures were, again, taken from the seat of my mower along one of the trails John mows. I normally just mow the main part of our yard (which at 5 acres is big enough) but for some reason this time I decided to do the trails, too. I'm glad I did, for I was able to see some lovely things that, let's just face it, my little eyes may never have spied had I not been on a mower.

Won't you ride along with me?

Along the edge of the farm looking across the road at our neighbor's place. I love their little "valley". It's always so well kept.

Looking down a path that leads into some woods.

The low-hanging branch in the distance once nearly took out everyone on the right side of a wagon during a hayride.

A bee-U-tiful day!

A close-up of that deadly, low-hanging branch.

A dogwood a little past it's prime, but still my favorite flowering tree.

My favorite mowing buddy!

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Heather said...

How lucky you are to live on such a beautiful, huge piece of property. It must make mowing the lawn not so bad?!