Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hmmm. Have You Ever Had a Moment Like This?

I don't know whether to be amused at something that happened to me earlier in the day or slightly worried.

Today was a work day for teachers at school (students are out for the summer now) and in between helping do a few things to get ready for the retirement luncheon that was going to be held in the library, I was at my desk getting a little last minute paperwork done.

Before leaving in the morning I told Ren I would call and remind her to begin getting reading so she could join us for lunch. Not only were two of her former teachers and a longtime cafeteria worker being honored, but her dad was too, as he is leaving teaching after 25 years to join the world of school administration.

Anyway, when the time came to make my phone call home I could... not... remember... my... number. My own home phone number - that I've had for 15 years!!! I sat and thought. And thought. And thought. 4499? 4494? 9944? Wait. Isn't there another number other than 4 and 9? After a while I realized it just wasn't coming so I went across the hall to ask John. Thank goodness my husband works in the same building (at least for another day). How embarrassing would that have been! I can only imagine the look on Ms. Sherry's face (our school receptionist) if I had buzzed her and said, "Excuse me, Ms. Sherry, but could you possibly find out my phone number and tell me what it is?"

I once heard someone say these episodes are called "senior moments". Now, I'm no longer in the freshman years of my life, but, at 41, I don't think I'm quite at the age to be considered a senior. Hmmm. Maybe being a librarian is a more stressful job than I've thought all these years - that or I need to eat more fish.

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Heather said...

Don't worry...the other day I had to sit down and calculate how old I am! lol!