Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Queen and a Bean

Waiting to head out on stage

This past weekend was an eventful one for my family, with each of my children creating their own excitement for us all to enjoy.

Friday evening, Ren took part in a pageant as part of the Middle Tennessee Strawberry Festival. This year actually marks the 70th year for the festivities. Many moons ago I had walked down the runway on a couple occasions in my very own attempts at the title, leaving each time without hardware. Fortunately, Ren fares a little better. She had participated in this same pageant last year finishing the evening as the second runner-up. Dressed in a red Maggie Sottero gown, John-Heath thought she looked beautiful. His exact words were, “Awww, Ren is so pretty! She looks just like a big, red crab!”.

Ren and her biggest fan - my mother

This year she wore a white gown - which we both concluded resembled something from the movie Troy. All she needed was a wreath of leaves in her hair and she would be good to go for a scene with Orlando Bloom.

I know I’m partial, but I thought she was quite beautiful and did a great job in the way she carried herself onstage. To have only been in three pageants she does a good job (thanks to a lot of training from her cousin Meg). The judges must have agreed for she was crowned the winner, among some very stiff competition of 31 girls, I must say. She was thrilled! We all were - especially my mom.

Finally home. When she asked if I now thought it had been worth it (You see, I had fussed all week long about her doing it) I said, "Well, that little piece of tin on your head is definitely not worth the money and time spent. But, seeing how happy you were was worth it and then some."

John-Heath enjoyed the evening too and remarked that he thought the most beautiful girl up there was the one showing her legs. I know. I was a little worried myself, at first. Turns out though he was more impressed that the girl was wearing cowboy boots with her evening gown. I think she may have been attempting to make some sort of misguided statement, a la Cybil Shepherd at the Emmys from a few years ago. Oh well, John-Heath sure liked the look.

Now, what exactly does a “bean” have to do with this post? For that, you’ll have to come back tomorrow. It’s never a dull moment at my house - or at Wal-Mart for that matter.

Ren and Kayla, the winner of the 20+ division and a former Miss Tennessee Teen USA contestant

P.S Pageant tip: If you run out of time before finding that perfect pair of new shoes in just the right color, take an old pair in the wrong color, tape off the acrylic heels and rhinestones and spray paint those suckers. It worked like a charm for us.


Sadie said...

She is GORGEOUS! I can see why she won.

Farmchick said...

Congrats to your daughter. She is a beauty!

Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

Your girl is lovely! Congratulations to her for winning...I know you all are so proud! What a fun time for everyone! Hope you are well sweet lady! :)

Tyla said...

Thanks, girls! I'll be sure to pass along your nice words to Ren.

Ren said...

I was 2nd runner up last time!!!!!!!!!!!! Third was my first one I did!!!! Change it please:) And thank you guys!!!

Tyla said...

LOL I stand corrected, dear. What ever was I thinking!?! haha

PS Thank you for the clean house. It was a nice treat to come to. :)

Julie Harward said...

Thanks for your visit...Congratulations to your daughter...she looks like such a calm,gorgeous beauty! Glad she won..now what? :D

Ren said...

For once I'm right lol!!! Your welcome!!! Now where's my pay?!?! Haha

Tyla said...

Haha, indeed! Pay? What a funny girl you are!