Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Diamond Anniversary Wishes

Today, two very special people will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. Yep. You read correctly. 60!!! You don't hear much of longevity anymore in terms of marriage. Heck, even John and I are both in our second marriages. Of course, our first marriages were to each other so maybe that still counts.

This past Sunday during the part of our church service in which we recognize people having birthdays or celebrating anniversaries, this couple was called forth to be sung to. (yes, I realize I ended that sentence with a prep, but sometimes you just gotta) While there, the lovely former bride said a few words on being married that long and the blessings that have come from those 60 years, namely two daughters, three grandsons, two granddaughters, and two great-grandsons.

Now, you know me. I am a fan of humor. So, the funniest part of this talk (what we Baptists sometimes call testifying or giving a testimony) was when she spoke of how, as a young girl, "walking the streets" of her town, she met a good looking boy driving a shiny car (not his) and wearing a hat with up-turned sides. Upon the "walking the streets" part, one of her daughters became tickled and laughed aloud. Meant in the most innocent way, it still sounded quite hilarious coming forth from her mom's mouth.

So, Happy Anniversary to two people whom I've had the honor of knowing for 41 of their 60 years together, my momma and daddy.


P.S. I confess. It was I who laughed out loud at mom's recollection at church Sunday.

P.S.S. I am really starting to get peeved at Blogger. First, I have been unable to leave comments on posts of some of my blogging buddies and NOW...I have no signature. I actually had to type in my name. I know what you're thinking....Ohhh, the tragedy. ;)


Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

Wishing your sweet parents a wonderful Anniversary! Such a precious thing to be together 60 years...xoxo

Farmchick said...

60 years is an enormous milestone! Congrats to them!

Susie said...

Tyla, your mom and dad look great, even after "raising" you! Did you really think we didn't know that YOU were the one laughing?