Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Royal Tradition

The first televised coronation.

In 1953, my mother-n-law sat with her classmates from school in front of a small television screen to watch the coronation of Elizabeth II. Her mother, a Canadian by birth but by this time an American, was always keenly interested in all things concerning her former monarchy.

So, in June of that year, having one of the only t.v.’s to be found in their tiny community of Culleoka, Tennessee, she invited each of her daughter’s classmates to attend the broadcast of the coronation.

Cake and berries served on my Lenox, which rarely sees the light of day.

Ever the proper hostess, she had made pound cake, served on her best dishes along with fresh strawberries, whipped cream and, of course, tea. My husband also recalls how, as a child on summer trips to his grandparents’ home, his grandmother, “Granny” to him and his siblings, would always have a mid-morning snack of tea and cookies ready for her grandchildren.

Kate gets her ring and her prince.

This past Friday, my daughter and I woke early, as in 3 a.m. early (and yes, I could barely function the rest of the day), to watch the marriage of William and Kate. If there are two things at which the Brits reign supreme, it’s throwing weddings and wearing hats. Well, most Brits don a hat well – not quite sure what Beatrice was thinking with what sat atop her head, but that’s another post altogether.

Ren slept on the couch in preparation for the big day. Notice her tiara (from being on the 8th grade homecoming court a few years ago) - every girl wants to be a princess.

Wake up, sleepy head.

So, in carrying on a family tradition, I thought it would be nice to serve up some cake and strawberries, just like Granny had done almost 60 years earlier, and even though she hates strawberries, Ren gave in to the sense of family unity and partook in a wee bite or two.

And who knows - maybe six decades down the road my great-grandchildren will be watching as William’s son or daughter is crowned and will eat strawberries and think of me.

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Heather said...

What a lovely story. I think it's wonderful how you are carrying on the tradition of strawberries and of my favorites!!

Farmchick said...

Nice that you two shared this together, even if it was too early in the morning!