Friday, July 5, 2013

A Soggy Fourth

Belated 4th of July wishes to you all.  I hope yours was better than ours.  Here in our part of this great country it rained all day.  All.  Day.  There was not one time that I looked out a door or window and failed to see rain.  This must be what it was like for Noah, or Ms. Noah, give or take thirty-nine more days or so. 

As holidays go, this one was a bust, but I have to say I do love a rainy day every now and again.  One can take a nap at three o'clock in the afternoon on such a day without guilt and shame.  Just saying.

I've been making myself pretty scarce in the blogosphere these past few months.  It's not because life has been dull - quite the opposite, actually.  Busy.  Very, very busy.  So busy that time is just flying right on by.  Today, I was doing a little mental calculation of the remainder of my summer break and realized it is fast coming to a close, when you factor in professional development days, etc.  In the past, for me at least, June departed about as fast as molasses from a jar (for those of you unfamiliar with molasses, that means very slowly) and July was the fast month.  If the rate at which this June passed is any indication for the rest of the summer, I will probably be back in school by Monday.  June was just a blur.  And where did the first three days of July go?  Did we skip them?

Unless I wake up to find myself already late for school or something tomorrow, I'll post some pics from our little family vaca to D.C.  We had a great time and made it to and from safely, with my nerves mostly intact (thanks to the Metro and my curious, hyper son).

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Lyndy said...

I agree 100% that June was a blurrrrr