Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Would You Like That Water With Crickets or Without?

Like a near-Exodus invasion, the outside of our garage door has been covered lately with tiny green crickets.  Well, actually I think they are grasshoppers because crickets are nocturnal and our visitors are always here during the day.  Anywhooo...John-Heath has just been in awe of how many there have been and has, like any dutiful, juvenile member of the male race, been trying to do his part to rid us of our fine fiddling friends.  Then his father gave him the idea of catching some to use as fish bait. 

Enter one of my double wall plastic tumblers with the screw on lids.  John-Heath proceeded to catch and secure several of the tiny grasshoppers in one of these cups.  Then, for added measure, he placed about five more lids on top - just in case.

Set atop a kitchen counter, the grasshoppers waited patiently for a meeting with some fish at the pond.  Instead, they became a garnish when a hot, sweaty girl -thirsty from a morning workout and run- reached for the nearest cup and filled it full of ice and then water before she headed up the stairs to her room.

I always thought grasshoppers received their nickname because of their color and the fact they hop around in the grass.  Turns out, I have it on good authority that another reason they are so named is that they are actually the same texture and taste of grass - or, at least, their legs are.

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