Friday, July 12, 2013

And Suddenly, the Sky Turned Yellow

Looking westward from my front yard
Wednesday evening, the kids and I were watching a movie upstairs - an older version of the sci-fi/horror film The Thing.  At some point, John-Heath decided to look out the window to see if John was home. When he pulled the curtain back it revealed a really beautiful - and equally creepy - sunset, so the three of us put the movie on pause and headed out to get a better view.  We ambled around outside, looking upward like the people you see in alien movies.  It had been a hot day and rained a little in the afternoon and we were left with this.  I'm glad I grabbed my camera on the way out, because within ten minutes it was gone and darkness arrived.  Take a look.

Beautiful and ominous all at the same time.

Looking south/southwest from my back porch
A westward shot from the back porch
Looking from the front porch through the river birch and crepe myrtle trees and the laurel shrubs
(which all need a good trim)
A northern view
A final look at the house. 
There's something about this shot that makes us of think of some kind of Alfred Hitchcock house.
What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Tyla! We saw it, too, and, yes, it left me with a 'what in the world?' feeling. I tried to capture it in photos, but they didn't do it justice. Yours are pretty good, though! Blue skies and even grey skies I can handle, but this yellow stuff, well...too eerie for me! ~Angie