Sunday, June 16, 2013

When Senior Citizens Embrace Technology

Last night, John and I enjoyed an unexpected dinner out alone.  As she was in the middle of some serious closet cleaning and re-organization, Ren decided to stay behind.  Not too far down the road - but far enough to not turn around - we realized we had left the cell phone behind.  Now, I am not someone who is perpetually attached to my cell, but I do want one with me when I am away from the house and either or both of my children are not with me.  Luckily, my parents live in the direction we were headed and provided the quick solution to our phone situation - I would just borrow my dad's for our evening out and return it on our way back home.  This also provided the previously mentioned evening out alone, as John-Heath quickly finagled permission to stay with the grandparents.

My dad, who will be 82 this October and is a fan of gadgets, managed to live 80 of his years without the use of a mobile phone.  I must say I am glad they finally have one.  If they have car trouble, they can call for help.  If they are out and one of them gets sick, they can call for help.  If I have a question about how to cook something and they are out for a  weekly shopping excursion, I can reach my mother. 

So, last night as John and I were making our way to Kabutos for dinner I happened to be snooping through my dad's phone when I decided to look through his pics.  I was pretty certain I would find several taken by John-Heath (John-Heath would take more pictures than anyone in the family if given the chance).  What I did not expect was this...

Now, I can't say for certain that he even meant to take a self-pic, but with a little practice, my daddy will be able to give every self-adoring teen and young adult a run for their money.

Seriously, though, "Happy Father's Day" to two of the best ones I know...

My hubby John and my cell phone rookie Gene

P.S.  It wouldn't be right to leave my mom out of all the fun.  Today, when I arrived at my sister's for lunch she asks, "Why didn't you bring your Facebook, Tyla?  I wanted to look at those pictures." 


Lyndy said...


I laughed when I read it and when I saw your dad's mirror selfie.

Keep em comin!

Christine Collins said...

That's a cute picture! It's not everyday you get to see an 80-year-old man taking a selfie. Yeah, your dad could use a few more practice, but nonetheless, I'm sure without the phone blocking his face, it's a great picture.

Christine Collins @