Saturday, June 15, 2013

Megan Gets Hitched...

...tied the knot, was able to go to the chapel, dropped anchor, was led to the altar, and if she were AA I'm sure there would have been some broom jumping.  Okay, she was married outside so there was actually never any going to the chapel, but you get my drift.

Well, friends, we had hoped that the day would be without rain for my niece's wedding and we were blessed with that and more.  It had been a little dreary and rained a bit just prior to the rehearsal, but then the sun popped out on Saturday and was nearly cloudless for the ceremony.

Megan and "her man" Jacob were married in Gallatin, Tennessee at The Grand Inheritance, a private home built circa 1790 that also now serves as an event venue.  I use "her man" sarcastically, yet with love.  Jacob's a terrific guy and Megan knows how much I hate to hear women refer to their boyfriends, husbands, etc. in that way so I couldn't pass up the chance to poke a little fun at it in this post.

The happy couple are returning today from a cruise to the Bahamas.  I know my sister will be glad she's home.  She has been going through daughter-withdrawal this past week, so much so she even asked Ren to come hang out and watch Hallmark movies with her.  Ren, of course, hates Hallmark movies so she'll have to offer more than that if she expects her to come visit. 

As promised, here are a few pics from the wedding.  Some I took, some I stole.  Megan had an awesome photographer for her wedding and I can't wait to see the rest of the ones he shot. 

Getting ready in the Bride's Bedroom at the Grand Inheritance

Megan's "something blue".
For her "something old" she carried her great-grandmother's handkerchief.  Mammy Sophie passed away six days before Megan was born.

Megan wanted a simple cross to be the focal point of the ceremony, so her Pa Gene (my daddy) made her one out of old barn lumber.  They considered painting it and I'm so glad they didn't.  I think it turned out beautiful.

"They boys" and John-Heath.  Dylan (l) and Weston (r) served as their Aunt Megan's honorary ushers and also played some musical selections on the piano for the ceremony, including "Canon in D" played by Weston as Megan came down the aisle.
John-Heath was the sign-bearer.  The heart-shaped sign was fastened to a floral, metal frame and read "Jacob, here comes your bride" on one side and "The H****...Est. June 8, 2013" on the other.  It was John-Heath's job to make sure the correct side of the sign was showing on the way in and on the way out.  He did this with perfection and eagerness.  My ever-talented and ever-thoughtful neighbor Angie gifted her calligraphy skills to make the sign. 

Megan's grandfather (my daddy) beginning the ceremony
with scripture reading and prayer

The soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. H

Pa Gene praying for the couple

A shot inside the reception pavillion.  An open-air tent was set up just beyond those doors with another eleven tables.

More reception.  You would think I would have taken a picture of the cake.  You can see it waaayyyy over there in the background.

My hubby and our beautiful daughter Ren, who was Miss Maid of Honor 2013

Once Megan's official photos are in I'll post some of those.  Have a great Father's Day weekend, my friends!


Anonymous said...

'So beautiful, Tyla. I love the roll of hay pic. Oh, thanks for the compliment. It could be part of my livelihood if education gets much crazier! ~Angie

Lyndy said...

Ahhhhh I love it!!!
I need to figure out a way to get your email addy. Sometimes I wanna say stuff that shouldn't be published for all eyes ;-)