Monday, June 10, 2013

John-Heath Turns 8

My little boy turned 8 today, but other than a trip to the local Sonic for a grape slushy at lunch, there was no celebration held.  To be honest, we are just about partied out around here, what with Ren's graduation a few weeks back and Megan's wedding this past weekend.  John-Heath said he would be fine with a day at the movies with "the boys" (his cousins) and a family dinner after long as he gets a chocolate cake and some presents he is most agreeable.  So, that's what we have planned for tomorrow...Iron Man 3, "the boys", fried chicken, chocolate cake and gifts.

BTW...Megan's wedding was a success.  The weather ended up being beautiful, Ren's dress fit, and I am still walking upright (but I did change out of those heels just as soon as was possible after the ceremony).  I'll share pictures soon. 

Goodnight, friends.

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Lyndy said...

1. John Heath is such a hunk!
2. Ren is gorgeous!
3. Can't wait to see wedding pics.
4. Please don't be a stranger this summer in blogland. :-P
xxoo Lyndy