Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why a Trip to Wal-Mart Might Never Be the Same

Oh, my! Oh, my! Oh, my! I just really don’t even know where to begin this post. First, I guess I should say I don’t normally post shared email forwards or sites via my blog but I just thought some of you might get a kick out of this one. Of course, some of you may block me from your reader or blog roll after this, too.

Are any of you aware of a site called People of Walmart? I had never even heard of it until very recently. A friend who wishes to remain anonymous mentioned it to me. I can’t even remember exactly what we were talking about that led to this (possibly Christmas shopping). All I can state with certainty is nothing surprises me anymore!

I don’t know which part of the whole experience is the saddest commentary on the human race… that the people in the pictures think it is okay to leave the house looking the way they do… the fact that people will whip out their cell phones and take pictures of the aforementioned unsuspecting shoppers at the local Wal-mart…that there is a website dedicated to such people…or the fact that I, an educated person, kept looking?

I blame that last one on my daddy. Like him, I’m just a natural people watcher. I could sit on a bench in the mall for hours and just observe. Okay, maybe not for hours, but I do find myself watching people, at least until the rules of common decorum give me a swift kick and I turn my head to keep from staring.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t turn away from some of these pictures. It was like watching a train wreck. You know it’s going to be awful and that you should look away. But you just. can’t. do. it.

In case you decide to take a peek for yourself I feel a moral obligation to tell you to NOT read the captions under the pictures. Some of the ones I read when I visited the site are laced with profanity, which is completely unnecessary in my opinion. It's like dirty words in an otherwise good movie. You don't need them to get your point across. The pictures say it all.

Oh, one more thing...the only part of this site I have viewed has been the "pictures". I can't speak as what you will find if you click on any of the other tabs on the page. Proceed with caution.


Farmchick said...

I have been witness to some of these photos via e-mail and I have to say they are hysterical!

Heather said...

I have a friend who sends me "People of Walmart" every now and then. Like you, I just can't resist. It usually leaves me scratching my head wondering how people can go out like that!!