Monday, December 19, 2011

Ren's "Letter to Santa"...2011 Edition

At 16 now, it's been a few years since Ren has actually written a letter to the big guy himself but she always manages to get her list to the right people. Isn't it funny how, as children grow, their toys become smaller but the price tags get pricier!?!
Okay, this picture didn't show up quite as clear as I had hoped so, in case you've already taken out your contacts for the night or don't have your "readers" handy, I'll type it out for you below, too.

A new laptop, camera or Predators tickets

An eclectic assortment of DVDs

Lots and lots and lots of clothes and assessories

Desperate Housewives Season 7

Law and Order: SVU Season 1


Something BRIGHT RED


A Car!!!

(She wants a Volvo or an Audi, and has lately mentioned a Jetta, but told us we could pick for her. Isn't she thoughtful?)

This last one is going to have to be a belated birthday/belated Christmas gift. December has gone by too fast and been waaayyyy too busy to do any car shopping.

I'm sure your children, like mine, have already finished writing their letters to Santa, but more importantly...has Santa finished?


Heather said...

Wow, that's some list. Santa must be very, very rich! lol!

Tyla said...

Haha, Heather! I'm afraid she's going to be disappointed to find out Santa has a tiny budget (and that he likes to buy used ;) LOL!!!