Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Recap 2011

Hello, friends. Can you believe another year will be coming to an end in just a few short hours? My dad joked this past Monday night, the 26th (the night my family gathered we each other) that another Christmas was less than a year away. By the displays now hanging in the stores we have skipped January entirely and are now celebrating Valentine's Day.

So, before the year comes to an official close (and swimsuits and beach towels begin lining the shelves) I thought I would go ahead and post some pictures from Christmas 2011.

Our Christmas seasons usually begin with a couple dinners shared with extended family. Alas, this year both my mom's side of the family and dad's side of the family ended up scheduling get-togethers on the same night. Which one did we go to? Neither. Why? Because Ren's football banquet fell on that very same night.

Here she is posing for a pic before heading to the school.

...and at the banquet with some of her coaches and buddies. Even though she only dishes out water and towels she absolutely loves being part of this group!

John-Heath celebrated at a class party with friends...

and his teacher Ms. Timberly.

On the 24th it was time for our traditional Christmas Eve gift exchange. The kids are allowed to open two gifts (of my choosing). John-Heath still gets excited about this, but Ren has long since figured out it is always the same gifts...a dated Hallmark ornament and a new pair of pajamas.

Pictures by the tree (which was almost solely decorated by John-Heath) in some NEW P.J.'s. Yaayyyy, Ren!

On Christmas morning, I awakened to John-Heath crawling up in bed beside me to exclaim, "Mommy, Santa didn't bring you anything." What a lonely looking little stocking! lol

FINALLY! After a two year letter writing campaign to the man in red, John-Heath gets his trombone. It's a good thing Santa knows a local band director who happened to be surplusing some old, seen-better-days equipment.

Ren with one of her presents - Law & Order: SVU... the show behind her desire to work in the criminal justice field. If only all crimes could be solved in one hour and all cops were as goodlooking as Stabler.

For a very long time there was a large box under the tree with John-Heath's name on it. When it was time to unwrap his presents from us he grabbed it up quick as a wink! It was taped pretty tight. He would need help from the sis. What could it be? Oh boy! A box full of clothes, guaranteed to kill a six-year-old's excitement in 0.5 seconds.

Luckily, there was a surprise under the tree. Now, Santa has always left his gifts to the kids unwrapped and setting in various locations in the living room. Well, this one was wrapped and tucked deep under the tree. It even came with a note, to which John-Heath grabbed a pen and quickly added a reply. As luck would have it though the contents of this little package were of the wearable varierty, too.

YES! A quick shake brought forth hope with this package...LEGOS!!!

Go Lady Vols!!!

My family on the 26th preparing to eat. I'm hoping I snapped this pic before the blessing actually began. Otherwise, there are a few who may have ended up on a new naughty list.

It's almost time to open presents.

Who wants to play Santa this year? Don't everyone jump at once!

Ren gets a fairy tale ring. Now, she just needs to find her Prince Charming to go with it (and I need to keep quiet when one shows up. You know how it is with teenage daughters and parents...if the parents make too big a splash about liking him, the defiant daughter will make it a point not to).

Last gifts of the night...the Christmas Crackers off the tree.

And everyone gets a crown!

Now, time to figure out how all the new stuff works.

I hope you each had a very merry Christmas! May God richly bless you all in the coming year.

Now, time to go get ready for game night at my parents. I hope my mom knew I was serious when I suggested it last week. I guess I should call and remind her.

Happy New Year Everybody!!!

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Aimee - said...

Unbelievably sweet pictures!!! Love each one...especially fun that Santa came through for John Heath and got him a trombone!! Totally exciting!!! I'm glad you didn't let retails' ploy to skip January from posting this great story and sweet pics! I'm glad we're bloggy friends!!!

XO, Aimee