Monday, November 7, 2011

Santa Baby, Forgot to Mention One Little Thing...

a barn.

I don't mean one for cows.

Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight!

I know...I'm rushing the season, but if I could have my pick of any monetary gift this season I think it would be this barn, which happens to be situated in the side yard of a pretty swell house not too far down the road. I love it!

The way I see it, John needs a place to write (his dream of the past several years has been to be the next David McCullough) and I need a warm, cozy, folksy place to have parties - Ren's fall flings and family Christmas get-togethers would be AWEsome in a place like this! Yes, a barn can be warm and cozy. I know for a fact it can. I have a cousin who hosted many Christmas parties in one and I've told John on more than one occasion that that would be my one day have a great barn!

I would make the windows larger/longer on the front, replace that side porch roof with more of a pergola, and there would have to be a fire pit somewhere close by outside and a large, stone, woodburning fireplace on the inside with a beautiful Christmas wreath, made from real pine cuttings and decorated with a simple red velvet bow, hanging above it.

Of course, to pay for such a barn I would probably have to rent it out for events soooo much that I would never get to use it myself.

One can dream, though.

P.S. And if the dream ever does come true, you will all have to come over and help me celebrate that first Christmas. I promise to keep the cover charge low ;)


Farmchick said...

A great barn! I love barns. Such an American icon.

Susie said...

Build it, and we will come ;)