Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pneumonia...Well, It's Certainly "Neu" to Me.

Hello, friends. It's been like forever since I have posted. Sorry for that. Makes me mad, too, 'cause I had a lot of good ideas for Thanksgiving that I wanted to share.

Anyway, thanks to a nice little bout with bronchitis that managed to work some magic and become a nice little bout with pneumonia, I have been somewhat under the weather lately. Actually, I have felt like crap for much of the past 6 days. And just when I thought I couldn't be anymore out of shape, the constant coughing of the past week has, in addition to nearly bruising every rib in this girl's cage, revealed yet another area that needs to be strengthened. Hint: Dr. Arnold Kegel devised exercises to help.

Here's a little recap, though, on some of the better parts of the last several days for all of us here at Tire Swings. I'll break it down by person.


I finally wrapped up our school book fair. Book fairs can be like yard sales. They almost always seem to be more trouble than they are worth while setting up and packing up, but do bring in a bit of spending money once all is said and done. This year's fair, surprisingly, did a little better than last - which is a good thing. The money I receive from my district was cut in half and books aren't getting any cheaper, so we need some spending money.


With each passing day we all age. This is most evident in my husband when he begins to watch t.v. in the evenings or read a book sitting in bed. Five minutes into either and he is asleep, as he is about to be now (it's actually around 11:30 even though the post will be time-stamped from earlier this morning).


After a busy week of attending ACT prep classes in the afternoons at school, she placed in a pageant held in a neighboring town. She is now the 2011 Miss Holifest 1st runner-up. We're going to get as much mileage out of her white dress as possible. She also received her class ring and scheduled her driver's exam to become a full-fledged driver. More to come on these last two events later.


This past Thursday, he and John stopped at a local bbq joint to eat (Ren and I were well on our way through a Twilight marathon and Breaking Dawn premier at the closest theater with a bunch of friends, arriving home at 3 a.m. Trust me, I paid dearly for that the next day). Never one to meet a stranger and someone who has almost an obsession with any profession which requires a uniform (you name it...doctor, firefighter, policeman, train conductor, janitor, etc.), he waltzed right over to a table where a group of police officers were eating. John said they invited him to eat with them and, from where he sat, thought our boy had a grand ol' time.

He must have made an impression because the following Monday a special gift was forwarded to him via the school resource officer at John's school...a whole bunch of uniform patches and stripes. He was absolutely thrilled to get them and immediately asked me to sew them on his shirt. Instead, I think we may make a bulletin board to frame them because his little size 7 shirts wouldn't hold all the ones he now has in his collection (from 3 states and several cities). Some kids collect stamps. My son collects uniform patches.

Oh, he has also learned how to look up numbers in the phone book. The first one he found? His teacher's. He even wrote it on a card to keep handy. So, you might want to start screening your calls, Ms. Timberly.

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