Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Recap 2011 - Part 1

Dr. John-Heath waiting for Trunk-or-Treat to begin.

Welp, it’s November 1 and you know what that means, another October 31 has come and gone. Have I told you how much I enjoy Halloween? I do. Bunches.

With some buddies,...

So, here’s my recap - and let me go ahead and apologize for its length (I will probably have to do it in two, maybe even three posts). It’s mainly a diary entry for my kids to one day read, but if you are a glutton for punishment, enjoy watching other people’s vacation footage and looking at their pictures (like the author of this here blog), or are stalking me go ahead and feel free to take a peek.

...his cousin Makayla

This year, because of what I thought at the time was a really dumb decision on the part of my town to - and I quote - “officially celebrate Halloween on Sunday, October 30 from 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.”, the holiday became a two-day celebration for my family and many of my friends.

In all fairness to those in charge of the local update to the calendar, I somewhat understand what they were thinking…since our chamber and one of our churches were sponsoring Trunk or Treat on Sunday evening, it would just make sense to go ahead and let our citizenry get all Halloween related frivolity out of its system.

...and a stylin' dude.

As I said, I understand what they were thinking, I just don’t agree with it. There was no way my family (excluding my husband who is not known for his celebratory nature anyway) was going to go without reveling in a good dose of Halloween fun on the actual day of Halloween! I can’t complain too much though. The change enabled us to get more “wear and tear” from John-Heath’s costume. In all, he wore it for three events.

Ren helping out at Trunk-or-Treat.

There was the Sunday evening Trunk or Treat. And boy, let me tell ya, offer free candy and people come out of the woodwork! I think the population of my small town more than doubled that night. I don’t know if we’ll go back next year, though. I am highly sensitive to smoke and, as luck would have it, the family in front of me decided they would pass the time waiting for the event to begin by smoking. A lot. Into my face. So, until an ordinance gets passed that keeps people from lighting up in the park, I may have to sit that one out.

You never know who'll turn up at TT. John-Heath with his principal (l) and teacher (r).

And while I am on the subject of a smoke-related topic, let me just say that our civil defense is awesome!!! Not only do they stand ready to help out in many a true crisis, whether it be a fire, automobile accident, or plane crash, they were more than willing to help me with a fashion emergency. As a doctor, John-Heath needed a pair of gloves (he was down to one blue one). John stopped at school and borrowed a pair from the nurse’s office. No good. They were clear and wouldn’t show up. That’s when I said we needed to find an ambulance or fire engine. Voila! The civil defense! Bless their hearts they even tried to find a smaller pair to better fit him (their idea, not mine…I know not to look a gift horse in the mouth).

After a tasty meal at our Mexican restaurant, where Ren acted embarrassed to be seen in her Minnie Mouse costume after only being seen by 4,000 people earlier at the park, it was time to head home.

The next day was party day at John-Heath's school! It was the most calm, disciplined school party I have ever attended. God bless my son’s teacher. I love her. I really do. Not only for how much my son loves her and for how much he is learning, but for the control she exhibits and commands. With the tapping of her fingers children sit. I, on the other hand, sometimes feel I launch into an Estelle Costanza routine when trying to get someone (mainly, in my house) to listen to me. GEORGE LIKES THE BANANAS!

This is the only pic I was able to get of him at school...passing out his chips and treat bags. He would dutifully ask, in a hushed whisper, each classmate to indicate what kind they wanted and they would point to the picture on the back of the bag. Then he would search for the desired chips. My boy and the rest of the kiddos did this with near perfect precision. It was as if I was watching one of those silent drill Marine platoons.

To be continued...

PS I Haaaaatttteeee BLOGGER! Please forgive the ridiculously spaced pictures and text!


Farmchick said...

Cute costumes on your kids. Our church does a trick or trunk activity and it is always a big hit.

Heather said...

Boy, you had quite the Halloween! Even though I love it, after one night of passing out candy, I was ready to close up shop!

John-Heath is such a cutie. Ren made a great Minnie Mouse too!

Aimee said...

Okay your thoughts on your daughter crack me up totally! My little girl is nine and she's already let me know she's not dressing up next year, but then she was totally ALL ABOUT it the night of with all her little girlfriends!!! I think she's doing a little independence exploring, but the unpredictability can either make you crazy or laugh ~ I try to laugh!!! :) I'm so glad to know about your blog and love all your pics!!! I'm your newest follower!!!

Aimee @ ItsOverflowing.com