Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Recap - Part 2

Finally, it was time for the big night! After running his coat through the washer to remove the grass stains and chocolate milk that hitched a ride home from school, it was time to get all dressed up again. He agonized over letting me touch up his moustache. Someone had laughed at him at school. “Because it’s funny", I said. I don’t think he was buying the “they were laughing with you not at you” explanation, though.

We made most of our normal rounds before heading to my sister’s for our family’s annual Halloween dinner and marshmallow roast. Some of our friends, however, did not have their porch light on when we passed so I am assuming they celebrated earlier. The night before. On October 30.

After stopping by to see John’s sister and mother we went to Ms. Susie’s and Mr. Joey’s (formerly aka “Halloween Man” to John-Heath because Halloween was the only time he was ever around him). Ms. Susie’s parents live next door and were outside when we arrived so he was able to trick-or-treat there, too.

This little trip to the Turner Station community is one of our most favorite stops. It’s also one of our longest, as we go in and visit for a while. Susie and I catch up on gossip, Joey and John discuss an assortment of different topics, and John-Heath just prowls. I’m just surprised he hasn’t asked to use their restroom yet to see what’s in their medicine cabinet.

Susie’s home is always so warmly decorated for the holidays it needs to be in an edition of Country Living. I really do love going there – even if she does have the cleanest, slickest floors known to man and I have come close to having my backside meet the hardwood many a time sliding across a braided rug. Of course, it doesn't help that I am the clumsiest person known to man.

During this year’s visit John-Heath slipped out the front door and was gone for a few minutes. When he returned it didn’t take long to realize where he had been when he tried to speak with a mouthful of candy. He had paid a return visit to Susie’s mom and dad seeking more candy.

Then as we loaded up in the car to leave, he hinted to Joey that Ren (who had sat in the car the whole time because she is sixteen and sixteen-year-olds are grumpy and whiny and too old for such nonsense) would like some candy. Joey, easily one of the most obliging men you could ever meet, went to get some, only to hear John-Heath say when he returned to our car with the candy, “She doesn’t need it so I guess I’ll just keep it.” Have I ever told you what a big sweet tooth my son has? It’s a good thing he regularly practices oral hygiene.

At this point it was roughly six o’clock. We were expected at my sister’s at 5:30. Sounds about right. However, we had one more stop to make – Ye Old Tyme Fudge Shoppe. Actually, it was my friend Jean’s house. She always treats her visiting spooks (and their parents) to her homemade fudge. We have gone since Ren was in Jean’s first grade class. Mmmmm! Chocolate fudge, peanut butter fudge, which is my personal favorite, and orange creamsicle fudge, which tastes a lot like an orange push-up. I’m not sure what we’re going to do when John-Heath gets too old for trick-or-treating. Maybe Jean will take pity on us and allow us to still stop by. I’d gladly don a costume for it.

Finally, we arrived at my sister’s. I always like to get a picture of John-Heath and “the boys” in costume together. “The boys” are my great-nephews and are always referred to as “the boys” by John-Heath. “The boys” weren’t in costume. They were in costume on Sunday night. October 30. The night before Halloween. Because my town officially celebrated on Oct. 30.

My sister had made Taco Soup, which was delish, and we had hotdogs and chips, an orange Halloween cake, and smores, and I got all domesticated and made EVIL EYE CUPCAKES (and a few that turned out looking somewhat like turkeys).

Ren and I did too many imitations of Damon Wayans’ Major Payne character for my nephew and his wife, who said they would pray for us. Really, though, aside from a little, I will admit, salty language, parts of this movie crack us up.

PAYNE: What's the matter, boy? Are you deaf or just plain stupid?
RED-HEADED KID (trying to be helpful): Actually, sir, he is deaf.
PAYNE (to red-headed kid): Oh, I'm sorry. NOW DROP down AND GIVE ME 25 MORE FOR SPEAKIN’ OUTTA LINE!

All in all, this Halloween was great - both nights of it...but we're not nearly as wild and out of control as the above picture suggests.

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Mamarazzi said...

love the costume, it's the mustache that truly does it for me.