Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Just Hate It When I Make a Mystake

Don't look now but I made a mistake in my last post. Seriously, don't. I've already changed it. It was a spelling error. At first, I thought it must surely have been a typo. Usually, by the time I finish up writing something and post it I am working from my bed. In the dark. With only the soft glow from my laptop screen to light my way. Lately, too, I have been under the influence of pharmaceuticals. A typo it must be. So, you can imagine my surprise just moments ago when I saw the same word spelled incorrectly AGAIN two paragraphs later. Gasp! Utter humilitation set in. I'm a teacher for crying out loud! Besides that, I'm near perfect - or so I have maintained for such a long time in my home it's hard for me to believe otherwise.

I don't know which is worse...making such a flub-up on the internet for all the world to see (or at the very least the 50 people who may sometimes read my blog when they need to feel good about their own family) or the time, years ago, I spelled something wrong for everyone at the school in which I taught to see. Hmmm. That must have been the first mistake I ever made, but it was actually a joke gone wrong.

My friend, a co-worker, came to school one day and informed us of how she decided to clean her husband's gun a day or so before. What she hadn't planned on was the gun being loaded. She found out soon enough, though, when she blew a hole through her mattress. It's a thousand wonders she hadn't killed her dog! Anyway, to rib her a little bit about her unfortunate event I posted an ad for "shooting lessons" on the Coke machine in our lounge, only to spell something wrong on it. Can you imagine? That's almost as bad as this. Well, dear ol' Debbie got even with me the next day when she posted her own ad on the machine...Spelling lessons by Tyla. Again, I'm sure that was the first time I was wrong, so I think I am entitled to at least two in a lifetime.


Chena said...

everone = everyone

3rd time! bahaha!

Tyla said...

Okay, Ms. Smarty pants!!! If you're looking for a part-time job it seems I could use a proofreader. LOL Looking forward to getting together once I can enjoy a meal and not cough during half of it.

Chena said...

Sorry but I couldn't resist! :) I hate it when it happens to me too.