Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Father's Day Quandary

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Once again I am waiting until the absolute last minute to plan for a holiday, Father's Day in this case. Buying for a nearly eighty-year-old can be tough.

Ties? He's got tons. Tools? Ditto. Candy? He's diabetic, so now I feel guilt when I buy it for him.

He has everything he needs and when I ask about something he may want, he always discourages me from spending any of my money. So, I'm leaning toward something homemade. Homemade items seem to please him most. To be a man, my father is very sentimental and would keep even a dirty tissue if one of his grandkids signed it. Yeah, that's a stretch, but not much of one.

Okay, time to start scouring the internet for ideas.

Oh, and John? Well, he's not that sentimental. He'll be fine with cash or alone time. :)

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Farmchick said...

One of the best gifts I gave my dad, in the past couple of years, was some lounge/pj pants and t-shirts. He likes those to hang out in the house in the evenings. Not very glamorous but well received!