Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Of Mice and Me

Well, friends, it appears I - like Spongebob's lovable but clueless sidekick Patrick - have been living underneath a rock for some time. That is the only explanation I can come up with for not having known about these cute little mice silhouettes before now. Over the past couple days I have seen 126 many blogs feature this neat way to decorate for Halloween. It seems Martha Stewart has them for sale and for about $10 you can purchase a package of 12 silhouettes in various sizes with adhesive foam dots. I took the cheap way out and made my own, using a little Scotch tape to hold them in place.

You can go here and find a template of Martha’s mice. First, I cut out the mice from the template, traced them onto a black poster board and used the first set of poster board mice to spawn a whole army of them. Then I decided the poster board rodents were too stiff and their tales wouldn't lay flat so I retraced and cut them out of plain construction paper. This worked out better.

Of course, if you are not into tracing and don’t mind wasting ink I guess you could just print the template page over and over. The only down side to the online template is that their feet are just kind of rounded and all their individual toes aren’t shown. On the up side that just means less stress on those fine motor skills.

Anyway, my little boy thinks they're pretty neat and I tend to agree.

This post is now a participant in The Silhouette Party and might I say my little mice look so very plain now. But just you wait 'til next year. ;>)


Chena said...

So cute!

this blessed nest said...

they do not look plain at all! i love them so! sometimes i think about leaving mine up for a longer time then just Halloween.

your staircase is fabulous! thanks for linking up.