Friday, October 22, 2010

Desperately Seeking Ren

This week is homecoming at the high school. And you know what that means, don’t you? Dress up days are here again. The skies above are clear again. So let’s sing a song of cheer again for dress up days are here again. Sorry. I couldn’t resist.

Anywhoo, Ren loves to dress up. Throughout school she has looked forward to any and all occasions in which to do so, whether it be a part in a school or church play or dressing up to present a report on a famous person (I’m remembering back to her as Helen Keller in the 3rd grade or Cleopatra in the 6th, in which she recycled the Halloween costume she wore as a seven-year-old). So homecoming week is especially fun for her.

This year’s theme is Tower of STARS. Each letter in the word STARS signifies something that could be worn that day. S day on Monday could have been for sleep ware, superheroes, etc.

I think she has looked totally cute each day. She would probably prefer I use the word cool to cute, but as a mom that would be quite the stretch. “Ooh, Ren. You look super cool today,” is not likely to come out of my mouth. But she did look cute.

My favorite has to be from yesterday. R day. Some came as rappers. One guy dressed up as Rambo. Ren chose retro. 80s retro to be specific. So Wednesday afternoon we headed out to locate anything and everything from the decade of my teenage years.

For someone a little too weak in the wallet to throw a whole lot of money at a high school dress up day I thought we’d stop by the Goodwill store and see what we could wrangle together there. Specifically, we were looking for oversized sweaters and leggings in bold colors. We found a large red sweater in the men’s section but nothing else. I debated not getting it but at 6:45 p.m. I knew we were running low on time to shop so I bought it.

Then we headed on over to the mall. Rue 21? Nothing. Buckle (Ren’s suggestion)? No way (not for a costume)! Wet Seal? Score! We found the skirt, tank, leggings, tights and bracelets there. Next, we headed to Claire’s to pick up a pair of lacy, fingerless gloves and a hair bow/headband. And to top it all off, we finished our shopping by heading to Megan’s Closet for a light-washed denim jacket and bright pink belt. Megan’s Closet is Ren’s favorite shopping venue. Why? Because it is literally her cousin Megan's closet and she steals from it quite a lot!

Everything was priced reasonably enough that I didn’t feel a whole lot of guilt. We were able to put together a great getup for homecoming and she can wear it again in about 10 days for Halloween. Plus, most of what was bought can be worn again with other outfits and look okay. Well, maybe not the lace gloves.

We had a lot of fun Thursday morning getting ready for school. Ren got a big kick out of her big hair, a must for any 80s day. The day was a success! Unfortunately, I think we may have stripped off another layer of the ozone with the Aqua Net.

I don’t know about you, but I feel the need to go watch The Breakfast Club and listen to some Duran Duran.


Farmchick said...

She does look cute and totally retro. She is rockin' that outfit!

Tyla said...

Thanks, chick! She asked if I dressed like that in school and I had to admit that, sadly, all I had was the big, frizzy hair. haha