Friday, October 8, 2010

Drive 3 Hours, Gain 3 Pounds...Sounds Fair to Me

Yesterday we took a day trip to Land Between the Lakes with my mom and dad. It’s fall break and we wanted to be able to say we had done something during our days off. The last time we visited the area was when Ren was is the 5th grade (I think). Anyway, this time we entered via Grand Rivers, Ky. and spent a little time visiting Patti’s 1880s Settlement, a charming little village of shops and eateries. And, ohhhhh myyyyyy goodness!!!

First, a quick backstory. At parent-teacher conferences in 2009 I spent a few minutes sitting in the office talking with some of the office staff. P-T conferences were just prior to the fall break that year too. So, we all began talking of our plans for the break and the topic of LBtL came up. Anyway, one worker told of the time her family had gone and ate at this place called Miss Patti’s and how it was really good and had great pies and such. At this point another worker and I got on their website and began to drool. I always said if we ever went back we would need to stop there to eat for sure!

And we did. And it was wonderful!

If you ever go make sure at least one in your party orders a dinner so you can get the bread. It’s delicious. They’ll bring it to you in the clay flower pot in which it was baked, along with a little homemade butter, strawberry and plain. It was delightful. If I knew much about cooking I would be sure to try this myself. As it is I do well to get frozen biscuits on a baking sheet. One can dream, though.

Apparently, Miss Patti’s is known for its flower pot bread, pork chops, and pies and I intended to have all three.

I think that pork chop was the most tender, tasty one I’ve ever put in my mouth. Everyone else said their food choices were also really good. John-Heath’s chicken strips didn’t look particularly great but he only ever picks at his food anyway and he’s 5 so I wasn’t going to complain. After all, my pork chop was FANTASTIC.

Then came the creme de la creme...Dessert! I think this is the first time this has ever happened but we all ordered dessert. They’re a bit pricey but they don’t shortchange you. My dad’s apple pie was HUGE.

And when food fest 2010 had ended our drive back home was a wee bit more uncomfortable than the drive up had been.

Ren with a slice of Bill's Boatsinker Pie


Farmchick said...

This looks like a lot of fun, and actually quite close to my area.

Anonymous said...

Here's my title for this blog - "Read about strawberry butter, google recipe, make the butter, gain 3+ pounds" ! This stuff is delicious. I have used a store bought strawberry spread before, but there is just something about making it yourself. Thanks for the inspiration... and the reason to go exercise!!! :)

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Sounds like a great time and great food. Doesn't get any better than that. The three pounds will fall back off.

Tyla said...

Oh, Farmchick! You lucky girl. I was telling my husband that if we lived closer I would have to stop by for their pork chops at least once a month.

Tyla said...

Anon, thanks for stopping by. If you live close to me could you send me some of your homemade spread? lol

Tyla said...


Thanks for stopping by. Here's hoping you're right about the added bonus that comes with such a good meal. lol Hope you are able to stop by and see me again.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...


Tyla said...

Yvonne, between the both of us that's almost the birth weight of my little boy. lol