Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Milestone

Today, my little boy, my sweet-as-a-pickle baby boy turned 5. I can't believe these years have gone by so quickly. Because everyone has been busy this week with VBS at church we're having a party for him on Saturday with family. He is soooo excited. I'll post pictures from that night for sure.

For tonight I just wanted to write down a very brief, somewhat humorous story from the day he was born.

During the entire length of my pregnancy with John-Heath the doctor was unable to detect his sex. And, due to some initial health issues, there were many opportunities. However, the kid just wasn't giving anything up. The closest we came was a time when a tech went somethig like, "Oh, wait. I thought I saw som...nevermind." That was it. Not really the evidence one is looking for prior to painting a room blue.

Of course, we wanted a healthy baby and its sex didn't matter as long as it was healthy. But, down deep, I was hoping for a boy. We had a girl. It would be nice to have one of each.

The day of the delivery, which was a scheduled c-section by the way, did not go as smoothly as I remembered from having Ren (who also ended up being born via c-section). For one thing, I don't remember the catheter being as uncomfortable in 1995 as it was ten years later. In fact, I remember thinking, "Heyyyy. This not having to get up to go to the bathroom is pretty cool." It was much less cool the second go around. Another thing - I was in a private room the entire time prior to Ren's birth. With John-Heath, because I was a scheduled c-section, they had me in some sort of semi-private prep room. And, because of some emergency deliveries, etc. my 10:00 a.m. delivery time got pushed back past 2:30. So there I sat... in a room that turned out to be less than private because they put another lady in there with me (a very loud lady, who didn't mind letting everyone in the entire wing know any time she had a pain) with a not so cool catheter that I wanted to yank out.

And, on top of everything, once I was taken in to the O R for the C-section it took FOREVER to get the spinal block to take. I don't know. Maybe it was my age but I was much more jumpy and nervous this time around. Of course, it could have also been that loud woman who made me more nervous.

But it all turned out okay and at the end of the day I had my little boy. And this is how that announcement went...

Dr. Caldwell: What did you say you have now? A girl?
Me: Yes. I have a daughter.
Dr. Caldwell: Well, now you have a son.
Me: Reeeealllly? A boy? -pause- Are you sure?
Dr. Caldwell: Well, he's got a penis. I'm pretty sure.

Happy birthday, baby boy! Mommy loves you!

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