Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Recap

It seems like forever since I last posted anything and, well, I don't really have anything big to share tonight. To be honest I have not felt much like blogging lately. Mostly, I think, it's just because things get so busy at the end of a school year that when it finally comes to an end you just want to not do anything you were doing before - at least for a little while. So, I probably won't be posting everyday, just as things pop up.

Here's a rundown of what's been going on with our family over the past few days.

1. John turned 47 yesterday. I am told that when one reaches a certain age he or she doesn't really like to celebrate anymore. Therefore, the kids and I just took him to a simple little dinner at Cherokee Steakhouse. Being there made us want a boat in a very bad way. For those that are not familiar with this place, Cherokee is also a marina.

2. We are possibly refinancing our mortgage. If this happens it will get our interest rate down to 4.25%, which is a pretty good rate, I guess. Wouldn't it be nice to not even have a mortgage? Of course, not having a mortgage might mean not having a house. Therefore, we are thankful for every payment we make.

3. Ren has had what you might say is her first heartbreak. I won't go into many details right now. Let's just say she is finding out the young man she has liked for the past couple months is not the guy she thought him to be.

4. John-Heath's play set is almost complete and he is loving it.

5. I am not loving the sand John added to it. Said sand is being removed this week.

6. John-Heath will be turning 5 this week. I just can't hardly believe it.

7. I have been sick this week with what I think is the same thing John-Heath and John have already gone through. I have sneezed 321 times today. Okay, I wasn't actually keeping count but it was a lot!!!

Well, it's late (or early, depending on how you look at it) and I am off to sleep. Goodnight friends. I'll be sure to post again in a couple days.

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