Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Could You Loan Me A Cup of Codeine?

Well, I have only sneezed 27 times today, which is actually an improvement on more recent days. I am at that stage now, though, where most all the head gunk has settled, via a little condition known as post-nasal drip, right smack dab in my throat. This, of course, makes for really sleepless nights as all I pretty much do is cough.

I do miss the days when you could go to your family doctor and say, "Could you please prescribe me your strongest narcotic?".

I remember once when I was student teaching I came down with this terrible cold (of course, as a student teacher I had not yet developed an immunity to many of the nasty little things brought to school by my students) which itself wasn't as bad as the cough it loaned me. Oh, that was horrible. Night after night of nothing but coughing.

Finally, a trip to Dr. Carter was in order. I remember it like it was yesterday. For the cough he prescribed me this sugary, thick, concoction that was slightly creamy-yellow in color. Why it was like liquid gold! All I know is that it included some highly potent form of codeine and that upon taking a teaspoon of it and feeling it coat my throat on its way down I would soon find myself in dreamland with nary a cough.

What I wouldn't give to score (isn't that what they call it?) another bottle of that stuff right now!

Goodnight. How I envy you sleeping people!

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