Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Birthday Party

Getting ready to blow out the candle while everyone sings to him.

This past Saturday we celebrated John-Heath's birthday. He turned the big FIVE. He actually turned 5 on the 10th. June 10th. He knows this date well. You can ask him anything you want about his age and his answer is most usually given as "June 10th".

"How old are you, John-Heath?"
"June 10th."

"Hello, little boy. How old are you?"
"June 10th."

"My, you're a handsome little thing. How old are you?"
"June 10th"

Now, don't get me wrong. He's a bright boy and he does know his age. With a little coaxing you can finally get him to say it. However, a few years ago when we first started teaching him things about himself, i.e. telephone #, address, birthdate, etc., I supposed we emphasized June 10th a bit too much.

Opening his Cranky the Crane with Pa Gene, Dylan, Weston, and Jonathan looking on.

My mother, once she finally got over the initial shock of my pregnancy and came to look forward to the arrival of a new grandchild, had hoped that the baby would be born on her birthday of June 8, which happened to be a Wednesday in 2005. However, my doctor was off that day and so my planned c-section had to be planned for another day. It would have to wait until Friday, June 10.

I had thought about celebrating this milestone with some of his little pre-school buddies. However, I decided that I would wait until his 6th one to do that. This would be our last little "family only" celebration.

The guest list included the usual - everyone in my immediate family and everyone in John's immediate family. John served up his wonderful bbq. It was, as usual, deeelish. And, of course, after dinner and presents and cake John took the kids on the traditional family hike on some trails he had cut through the farm.

Heading out on the hike. Weston and Dylan take along the Nerf shotguns in case they run in to any wild animals. John-Heath took something more important than that...a Diet Coke.

As for presents, well he got several new Thomas the Tank Engine wooden pieces, including Cranky the Crane, a Buzz Lightyear Lego Set, and some books. But I think the gift he has enjoyed the most is the Slip and Slide my sister got him. He has received sooo much enjoyment from that. Although Sissy was a little disappointed in it's size. She thought it looked much bigger in the picture on the box. Tim pointed out that the price they paid for it should probably have been an indication of its size. Nonetheless, it is fantastic and he has had a ball on it.

Slippin and Slidin - the next day.

One of the funniest moments came when John-Heath, Ren, and Megan were trying it out after everyone else had gone. At some point Ren and John-Heath went down at the same time and this caused water to be splashed in his face. Without missing a beat, and practically in one long run-on sentence, John-Heath admonishes, "Ugh, Ren. You got water up my nose! Now I'm gonna have a nose like you!"

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