Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mini Moments #1

Mini moments. I think that is what I will call the posts in which I have few things of which to write. Then why write? I guess it is because I have an infinitesimal short-term memory and if I don't jot these little mini moments down they will one day be no more. I'm not after a Pulitzer, just leavin' thoughts for my kiddos.

Found out today via a friend and her husband that my son has taken to name-calling senior citizens. For the first half-hour or so after arriving at the New Hope Child Learning Center students play in the gym. The gym includes a second story walking track available for community use.

My son has found it financially advantageous to yell up to the kindly walkers and ask for money to be thrown down. As I understand it there may be a gang of these pre-schoolers doing such now.

A day or so ago when my friend's husband (aka "Halloween Man" because John-Heath remembers how we trick-or-treat at his house) was walking with his uncle Junior (who happens to be a member of my church association) and another man, the moochers from below were at it again. The plea went something like this...

Gang: "Hey! Throw us some pennies."

Mr. Junior: "I don't think I have any today."

My son: "Throw me down some pennies, Pencil Neck!"

I'm blaming hours of Spongebob indoctrination.

Ren attended volleyball practice for the first time today since having nasal surgery two months ago. The team is practicing with the 8th graders who are trying out for next year. In this setting Ren and her friends are not the bottom feeders they were when they first started practicing with the upperclassmen last year. Therefore, they had to play it cool when they personally did something much better than they had done during the season. They dared not let on that these awesome hits, digs, sets, and spikes were newly (as in TODAY) acquired.

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