Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Great Firecamp Party and Oscar Night All Rolled Into One Fantastic Evening

My sweet-as-a-gherkin-baby-boy has a giant sweet tooth (a genetic trait inherited, no doubt, from his grandfather) and ever since stuffing his face with as many marhsmallows as he could cram into his mouth with just his own two hands a few evenings ago at Ma-Ma and Pa Gene's, he has been asking for us to buy him some of his own. And he wanted us to build a "firecamp" over which we could roast them. Ren, while less than thrilled at picking up sticks to add to the pyre, managed to do so with a little help from a rusty red wagon and John-Heath.

The anticipated affair happened tonight. The exclusive, invitation-only, guest list included Ma Ma and Pa Gene, Grandma, Sissy, T, and Megan, Jon, Jessie, Weston, and Dylan. Party-crashing Catherine ( a friend of Megan's) showed up a little late, having become lost on Pleasant Grove Rd. (which is really no where close to where we live). She is a city-girl graduate of Goodpasture so we are hesitant to hold her at fault for this.

After an excellent meal it was off to the woods for the main event of the evening- the roasting of the marshmallows. The evening entertainment consisted of Wii Dance contests between Megan, Dylan, and Weston, with surprise dance performances by Jonathan and Aunt Sissy, and a short demonstration to Who Let the Dogs Out by Pa Gene. Video footage was taken - but strict instructions that it NOT be placed on the internet were given. We will, begrudgingly, respect their wishes. However, nothing was said of still photographs.

Finally, after all the guests had headed home, it was time for one of Ren's favorite televised shows - the Academy Awards. She watched and learned. And one day this yearly training will come in handy for her - I have no doubt.

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