Friday, March 19, 2010

Always the Best Intentions

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day this past Wednesday (How cool is a guy who banishes snakes from his country!) I thought it would be nice to whip up some cupcakes for an after-supper treat. Of course, as I am not very efficient in the kitchen department, whipping up anything usually means whipping up a mess.

Anyway, I bought a bottle of green food coloring to add to some yummy cream cheese icing and raced home to get started. I lined my cupcake pan with those little wrappers and was ready to get started when I remembered that I was late - really late - for a dinner date with a friend.

Luckily, I was able to track down my friend (bless her heart she had waited and waited before heading home) and we enjoyed a fun evening reminicing, venting, dishing and gossiping at the La Quesadilla Mexican restaurant in town.

This gal was one of my best friends throughout school (even though we could both get quite peeved at each other from time to time), a bridesmaid in my wedding and one of the few close friends with whom I have kept in semi-contact. My daughter thinks it is somewhat disturbing when I tell of how she and I, sitting on opposite ends of the couch, would scratch each other's feet while watching horror movies.

I didn't make it home until 9:45.

And there, sitting on the counter, was the muffin pan just waiting to be filled with cupcake batter.

It sits there still.
A little St. Patty's Day Trivia... Did you know that dying the Chicago River green each March 17 came about somewhat accidentily? In the 1960's the manager for the Chicago Plumbers' Local Union was looking for an additional way to celebrate the day. At this point entering into his office was a plumber who had been trying to locate and disconnect a waste line that was emptying into the river. The plumber would pour green dye into various opening of the waste system and then check the river to see at which point the green appeared. Upon entering Steve Bailey's office his once white coveralls were mostly a perfect shade of green. Thus was the start of a new tradition.

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