Saturday, March 27, 2010

Driving Miss Ren

I now know what it must have felt like for Morgan Freeman's character in Driving Miss Daisy when he would drop her off at some place where she had business and sit and wait until that business was finished. And, by the way, was that not a great movie? One of my absolute favorites.

Tonight, Ren attended the Lift-a-Thon held by our high school football team. We had sponsored one of her classmates and she wanted to go "keep an eye on her investment". He did quite well from what she said when we got home.

The event began at 5:30. I had actually planned on going home but thought I would just park and wait. I was sure it wouldn't take that long and it would be a waste to go home only to turn right around and return to pick her up. 2 hours later the lifters and their supporters began to exit.

What does one do for two hours in a parked car? Going in and watching the lift-a-thon was not an option due to my coif. So, I did what Hoke Colburn would have done had he been able to...I read. Sadly, the only thing available was this week's edition of our local newspaper. I usually just scan the articles and pictures that interest me. This evening, I read it cover to cover - all 8 pages. I even did the puzzles. I don't know that I have ever done that before.

I learned a valuable lesson tonight. It would be wise, at least when chauffeuring children, to keep a stash of Southern Living in the car.


Chena said...

I always have a magazine or puzzle book. I am usually waiting on somebody somewhere!

Tyla said...

Would that include waiting on a certain friend at La Quesdilla?