Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Halloween Table

I don't do a huge amount of decorating for Halloween, but I do like a few signs of the season here and there...usually my mantel, the dining room, kitchen and a guest bath.  Below is how our table in the dining room ended up this year. 

Lest you think I've put away my faith and upbringing to practice witchcraft, I have not.  However, I couldn't resist the  ceramic pumpkin (Home Goods), the ravens (Hobby Lobby) or donning up an old broom, which was a handmade craft given to me by my Pa Frazier and even more special because the hands that made it were his. 
I don't guess Pa ever intended on me using it as a table decoration, but I doubt very seriously he would mind.  And for the rest of this month, I will think of him every time I walk by my dining room - as if I even need a reason to think of that wonderful man.


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Michelle said...

He does look like a sweet, and handsome, fellow.