Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Mantel 2013

Where have I seen this mantel before???  Oh, yeahhh...it's practically the same one I did last year. 

It's true.  I wasn't very creative.  But at least I got this one up early enough to get a little enjoyment out of it (during our awesome fall break).

I still love my "tombstone" bookends.  They are a tad on the creepy side but just perfect for Halloween.  They're also very heavy, too.  Toes beware!


The only "new" addition to the collection is this 88-year-old signal lantern from the railroad that once upon a time ran through my hometown.  If you'll look closely, you'll see the name of the railroad, L&NRR, etched in the glass.  It's been on a shelf in our garage these past seven years, so it was due a little recognition. 

In years past, when my husband would tell ghost stories to Ren's friends, etc., he would tell the story of Jake Vance, who fell to his death -via his horse- from the top of a tunnel in our hometown onto this very same railroad. 

Sweet dreams!

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