Monday, September 30, 2013

John-Heath on the Migration of Birds, Aliens and Rolling Yards

This, I'm sure, will be of no interest to anyone but me and, perhaps years in the future, my son.  John-Heath, like any small child, is often a sundry of thoughts, comments and questions.  I wish a thousand times over I had kept a written record of all of them. 
I remember once a friend telling me that her English teacher, our town's beloved Ms. Marguerite Law, had told her students to keep a pencil and paper bedside in case they were to ever have a dream or thought in the middle of the night which might provide a useful idea for a story.  She said that if one waited until the morning the idea may well be forgotten. 
This is certainly the case with cute things our kids say.  How many times do they cay something adorable or hilarious and we think we'll always remember it, only to be like now what was that he said the other day?
So, before I are some things that have recently been on the mind of John-Heath, age 8...


In a conversation with his father after noticing a flock of birds he asked, "Dad, how do the birds know when it's time to come back?"


When I went in to wake him up this past Saturday, arms stretched behind his head and face turned toward his window he says to me, "It's a beautiful Saturday morning, isn't it, mom?  Was dad just kidding about aliens destroying the earth?"

This morning, he comes in the house while I am brushing my teeth and informs me, "I didn't get any dirt on me when I went outside just now.  I rolled our bushes with toilet paper.  That way, other people will see it and think we've already been rolled and they won't do it.  (a pause)  You're welcome."

P.S.  John swears he never told John-Heath that aliens would destroy the earth, so we're thinking this must have been left over from a dream.

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Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

Thanks for the smile, friend! I kept a journal for each of my kids. Not faithfully, mind you, but I'd try to jot down those funny things they would say. When they were pre-teens they would love to go find their journal and read all about themselves. :)