Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Renny Turns 18

My dearest, darling daughter,

     I really have no words today (rare, I know) to tell you just how unbelievable it seems for you to be 18.  You are the last of all your friends to turn this age, so one would think my mind would have somehow, over the past year, settled on the fact that you would soon be an adult.  Nevertheless, it didn't.  Neither my brain nor my heart was prepared.  And now a tall, beautiful woman has invaded our home.  Of course, you have always been tall and beautiful.  It's the woman part with which I am having issues.

     Ren, I am so very blessed that you came into my life and heart that Monday afternoon all those years ago, and I cannot thank God enough for allowing me to be your mom.  Happy birthday, Renny!  I hope your 18th is one of the best.  Just remember, though...age is only a number and you will always, always be my little girl.



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