Monday, September 9, 2013


This evening's post will be randomness at its best.  Hang on and try to keep up.

Apparently, there is some sex-ed course being taught among the third-graders at my son's school.  According to him, some in the class were recently caught looking up the word "weiner" at school.  He promptly informed us that it was not the kind you eat, either.  Thankfully, he was not among the guilty party.  This time. 

He goes on to inform us that when he gets married he will not be having any of that S.E.X.  No, siree bob.  This little convo took place in the car on the way to lunch after church yesterday.  When I told him that he shouldn't say words he does not know the meanings of (like s.e.x.) he told me that he did, in fact, know the meaning of that word.  "And just what does that word mean, John-Heath," I asked him.  I'm not sure if I should have felt relief or sadness when he told me it had something to do with French kissing when you stick your tongue in their mouth.  I guess I'll go with relief.   It's the little victories that count sometimes.

My daughter has recently begun attending another church which she seems to really enjoy.  Even though we have always attended church as a family and I miss her sitting beside me (and not just because she would scratch my arm for me anytime I asked), we realize this is another way she is seeking independence, and we are fine with this decision.  I do wish she had been with us this past Sunday, though.  Our Sunday School lesson was over the importance of companionship (Adam and Eve) and, if you know my daughter, you'll know this is not too high on her list.  A "people person" she is not.  This is my biggest worry about her.  That she will die alone with forty cats.  Have I ever told you how much I hate cats???

I'm off from school tomorrow.  I get to have my first iron infusion.  Yippee.  I would rather spend the day shopping for new fall decor.
Have a wonderful night, friends, and an even better tomorrow!

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