Monday, April 29, 2013

Her Promenade

This past Saturday my daughter attended her senior prom (short for promenade, you know), which was held at The Inn at Opryland.  It rained cats and dogs, as we say here in the South, which made the evening eerily reminiscent of the last time the school held its prom at Opryland. 

Remember this?
Ren had a great time and I am so glad her father and I were able (via his job) to attend much of this special evening with her.  Allow me to go all mom on you and boast just a bit by sharing some pics of this high school milestone.

Ren and her date Austin

Austin, Ren, Caitlyn and Colby


More awwww...smooching on Pa Gene

Pretty girls and handsome fellas

Ren with her bestie, Lexie (who later won prom queen)

Prom 2013 was a hit!

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